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Just a teen in Erie, Pa...Usually found working 3rd shift...or making late night trips to Wal*Mart... I'm excited about the Pride Event's because it gets all of us out of our houses and away from the computers to get out in Erie and have a good time. Birthday is 1/15. Viewed 3,383 times.

Aaron Hepfer

Birthday is 9/21.  Has volunteered! Viewed 934 times.


Birthday is 9/27. Viewed 397 times.

Abbey Atkinson


Abbey was very active in Trigon and also organized the Pride Weekends in 2002 and 2003. She left in mid 2004 to attend law school in Ner York City. Birthday is 9/13.  Has volunteered! Viewed 3,360 times. 6 article(s).


Birthday is 6/5.  Has volunteered! Viewed 210 times.


Taken Birthday is 10/2. Viewed 3,092 times.

Alan Koseff

Viewed 2,559 times.


My name is Alex. I live in Erie PA and I work as a receiver in a cafeteria. Birthday is 10/27.  Has volunteered! Viewed 3,559 times.

Alex Bolla


Local stage and screen actor and vocalist. Birthday is 7/16.  Has volunteered! Viewed 3,490 times.

Alex Sphon

Birthday is 6/28.  Has volunteered! Viewed 12 times. 1 article(s).

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