Prices, sizes and terms of advertising in Erie Gay News Print Edition.

Ad Rates gif What Does EGN Offer?

Erie Gay News is the only printed news resource targeted specifically to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Erie and the surrounding Northwest PA, Western NY and far Eastern Ohio area There are about 1,200 copies printed per month. See our Distribution Points...

We provide ad space in the follwing rates and sizes:

1/8 Page: $30($27 pre-paid), 1-5/8" high by 2-7/8" wide.

1/4 Page: $50($45 pre-paid), 3-1/2" high by 2-7/8" wide.

1/2 Page: $90($81 pre-paid), either 3-1/2" high by 6" wide (which is landcape, filling the top or bottom half of a page) or 7" high by 2-7/8" wide (which is portrait, filling the left or ride side of a page).

Full Page: $160($144 prepaid), 7-1/2" high by 6" wide.

All pre-paid ads get a 10% discount.

I Want to Advertise, Now What?

Call or email, and send your properly-sized artwork according to the schedule to the address listed on the side of this page:

1) Send a digital version. We support a host of file types and programs including Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat, Macromedia Freehand and Fireworks. We will support up to 600dpi TIFF, PDF or any of the above mentioned formats. We have had the best results with PDF's. If you are uncertain please call 814-456-9833 and ask.

Please do not send a fax. Faxes are too low resolution to reproduce well.

What If I Don't Have an Already-Made Ad to Give You?

We can lay out an ad! Call, email and send us all the copy as well as any pictures you have or want to appear in the ad along with a description or short sketch of how you would like it to appear - be sure to include what size ad you want. We'll do the layout for you and send you back a proof before running the ad. We have a graphic designer on staf with 30 years of professional experience.

Who Else Advertises with Erie Gay News?

See a list of some of our current and past advertisers here.

What about banner ads at the Erie Gay News web site?

We now offer banner ads at our web site. See here for more info.

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