Robert J Dorr Scholarship through Pennsylvania Equality Project goes to Chole Loose

The Pennsylvania Equality Project is proud to announce that Chole Loose, a first-year student at Penn West University in Edinboro, is the first recipient of the Robert J. Dorr Scholarship. Chole is a graduate of the Conneaut School District and earned the award based on his assistance as a host at Pride events in Meadville, PA during the past three years.

When asked about whether his family is accepting of him, Chole said, "Thankfully, unlike many members in the LGBTQ+ community, my family was exceptionally supportive of my sexuality."

Chole's education and social awareness led to his activism in 2018. His mother and two LGBTQ+ sons worked with Glenn Tuttle to organize the first Pride event thrown in Crawford County. Four years later, Chole serves as a Junior Board member of Crawford County Pride. Chole concluded, "Thanks to such generous scholarships and grants, such as that provided by the Pennsylvania Equality Project, I have enrolled and, at the time of writing, completed my first week of college at Penn West Edinboro."

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