Conneaut Area High School GSA

from David Moore

On Wednesday, November 8, the Conneaut School District School Board voted at its monthly meeting to allow a Gay-Straight Alliance Club to be formed. Mr. David Moore and Mrs. Melissa Flinchbaugh were named as co-advisers to the club. At the meeting, Mr. Moore addressed the school board and said that such a club "would allow the LGBT students of the school to have a safe space to discuss issues relevant to them." He stressed that the LGBT students of the high school are the most underserved segment of the student population.

When asked by a school board member why the club was needed at this time, Mr. Moore stated that in light of the introductory remarks by Mr. Ted Hoover of Persad, who addressed the entire faculty and members of the board, it was past time for the Conneaut School District to meet the needs of the LGBT community. Furthermore, we are "not trailblazers in our region. Meadville, General McLane, and McDowell are just some examples of other districts with GSA's already in place.quot; The board voted seven to zero, with two abstentions in favor of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club.

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