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A THANK YOU for the Butler Picnic

On Sunday, July 18, 80 people gathered at Butler's Alameda Park to share in a picnic sponsored by Persad Center's "Community Safe Zone Project" (CSZP) and Butler County PFLAG. CSZP is a program of Persad Center which provides GLBTQI community building projects and events to non-urban areas outside of Pittsburgh. Directed by Ted Hoover of Persad, this new program and Butler County PFLAG sponsored a showing of "Out in the Silence" in May.

FACE 1 Year Anniversary at Zone Dance Club

On Sunday, July 18, 2010, Michelle Michaels and other drag performers celebrated the 1 year anniversary of FACE, the drag show happening the 3rd Sunday of the month at the Zone Dance Club, 133 W 18th St, Erie PA. Many talented performers contributed to making the night a stunning success! Photos are by Michael Mahler for Erie Gay News, with editing by Deb Splko, Co-editor of Erie Gay News.

4th of July Parade sets record

Over 20 people marched as a part of the GLBT community in the Millcreek 4th of July Parade, which was held on Saturday, July 3. Although this was the fifth year that there was a GLBT presence, previously, we had marched as part of the peace and justice contingent. The organizers for the parade were unfailingly gracious and supportive. Quite a few groups were represented, including Erie Gay News, LBT Women of Erie, PFLAG - Erie and Crawford Counties, Erie Gay Pride, and members, friends and supporters of the community.

Local Faces and Photos

LBT Women Pure Romance Party

On Wednesday, July 21, 2010, the LBT Women of Erie had a fun time holding a Pure Romance party. Pure Romance is an in-home party company that sells a premier line of relationship aids, including lubricants, heighteners, and bedroom accessories. Photos are by Laurie Finch, coordinator for the group.

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