June 2024

Jun 7 - 9 (Fri - Sun) - GAYmer Weekend with Riley Dethier (Jones Pond Campground & RV Park, 9835 Old State Rd, Angelica, NY 14709-8729) GAYmer Weekend is our version of "Gen Con", one of the largest annual gaming conventions in the United States. We are thrilled that our GAYmer event will be hosted by Riley Dethier, the owner of Dice Versa in Rochester, NY. He will facilitate our Saturday afternoon event. GAYmer afternoon starts at 1pm Saturday and focuses on tabletop gaming, board games, and card games. Video gaming has also become a part of the convention in recent years. TVs will be available in the game room (barn). Riley will be bringing games with him for the event but we also encourage you to bring your favorites as well. On Saturday night we are hosting our first Cosplay Dance at Jones Pond. A cosplay dance is an event where people dress up and portray characters from movies, TV shows, video games, anime, manga, or other media. Cosplay is short for "costume play". Phone: (585) 567-8100. Email: info@jonespond.com. Browse to http://www.jonespond.com. RSVP/Register/Tickets at https://www.jonespond.com/events/gaymer-weekend-with-riley-dethier.

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