Enter to win Looking for Love in All the Haunted Places!

Looking for Love in All the Haunted Places

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Lucky Hart has always loved the supernatural, but no one takes parapsychology seriously. She's estranged from her family, lost her friends, and she's been rejected from grad school. Twice. But her big break arrives when she hears about a production company investigating Hennessee House, an old Victorian mansion with a notorious reputation.

She schemes her way onto the show, and there she meets Maverick Phillips, who challenges and tempts her in ways she didn't think possible. Their connection is so palpable everyone-even Hennessee House-notices. But Hennessee House doesn't want to share Lucky's attention, so she'll have to risk both love and career for a chance to have it all.

Praise for The Romantic Agenda

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"It's a testament to Kann's storytelling that readers root for Joy's relationship with Fox - even if it does begin as a ruse to make Malcolm jealous." -USA Today

"Fake dating, friends-to-maybe-lovers, and an asexual #OwnVoices novel? This rom-com truly has it all." -Betches

"The Romantic Agenda offers something to look forward to." -Bustle

"The heroine is, well, a joy, and Kann admirably portrays a distinctively asexual experience of attraction, dating, and romance on a deep level. This is a love story of a different and important type." -Publishers Weekly

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