Ashtabula Pride Looking For Volunteers for June 15 Festival

from Ashtabula Pride, Inc

One of the most vital pieces to a puzzle can never go missing. You will never get the full effect of the overall picture with one simple piece not in place. That is why it is so crucial that Ashtabula Pride, Inc. urges our most important part of the June 15 Pride Festival to reach out to partners like you for assistance. Our Volunteer Team has been scrambling for months trying to reach out via social media posts and flyers in local stores to encourage people to sign up as VOLUNTEERS and help us bring forth this amazing time of love and celebration! We have a very detailed application to complete to become a volunteer. The reason for this is to ensure ALL of our volunteers are either LGBTQ+ community members or they are allies of the community. This will give us an overall feeling of protection and trust while the festival is happening. We help to train our VOLUNTEERS on what to look for and how to respond in the event of situations they may not be used to dealing with, and we make sure their comfort level at this task is 100% before giving the approval to be considered a VOLUNTEER for the next upcoming event. There are times and different departmental teams you can apply for during the festival, and we assure you we will accommodate you as best we can! If this isn't for you, then tell someone you know that you feel would be great at helping us out at the festival! Please apply on our website under the SIGN UP tab.

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