PrEP4All Appreciates Ongoing Biden Commitment to National PrEP Program in FY24 Budget

Advocates Urge the Administration to Make Equitable PrEP Access A Reality Now

(New York, NY) As part of his FY24 Budget Request released last week, President Biden once again included a $9.8B ten-year proposal for a National PrEP Program. PrEP4All reiterates its gratitude for this vision for a robust PrEP program, which was first proposed last year, and appreciates the Administration's ongoing commitment to establish a National PrEP Program. As we approach 11 years since FDA approval of PrEP, advocates urge the White House to move forward as soon as possible to put in place a national PrEP initiative using discretionary funding to more quickly increase PrEP equity and end current disparities based on race, ethnicity, gender and geography. Increased PrEP access and uptake also would improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs.

"The President's proposal for a National PrEP Program last year galvanized the community behind a vision for equitable PrEP access," explained PrEP4All Executive Director Jeremiah Johnson. "Words must be met with legislative strategy and action. Advocates are already meeting with Congressional appropriators to see what funds can be made available this year, and we are looking for the administration to enthusiastically support these community efforts."

Over the past year, the newly formed National PrEP Program Working Group- a coalition of over 120 organizations- has worked with the Biden administration to request continued support for a National PrEP Program. The bipartisan Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative calls for 50% of the approximately 1.2 million people who could benefit from PrEP in the U.S. to have access by 2030. Currently, only 25% of individuals in need of PrEP are using it, with significant disparities in uptake. A National PrEP Program would help to end the domestic HIV epidemic by reducing thousands of new infections per year and help end the disparities in PrEP uptake.

"Our communities need real progress right now," says Michael Chancley, PrEP4All Communications and Mobilization Manager and PrEP In Black America Organizer. "Ending the HIV epidemic is a matter of equity. President Biden needs to finish the job and that will mean working with community advocates to find bipartisan support for funding a National PrEP Program this year. We can't claim mission accomplished with a proposal alone."

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