Pennsylvania Equality Project Signs MOU With STOP the Hate PA

Kittanning PA - The President of the Pennsylvania Equality Project, David Moore, has signed a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) to designate STOP the Hate PA as one of its chapters. Founded in Kittanning, STOP the Hate PA started as a chat group on Facebook and has become a much larger organization. Their mission is to work with other local agencies in Armstrong County to reduce the episodes of bullying, intimidation, and harassment.

When asked how STOP the Hate PA intends to carry out its mission, Board President Angie McKain said, "I officially have signed up three mental health professionals who have volunteered to help with the "Coping Strategies" workshop. Angie continued, "The workshop is designed to teach kids and parents to identify the signs of a mental health crisis and teach them healthy coping mechanisms that they can implement before it becomes a matter of life or death. We're also going to give them literature on help lines and any other resources we can find." STOP the Hate PA will also be holding anti-bullying events as well as forming a parent advocacy program.

The co-branded organization will be hosting in-person support group meetings in Kittanning to further their mission. The group is intended for LGBTQ+ youth and their parents, and to provide a safe space for them to share their experiences and learn from other members of the group. The first meeting date is yet to be determined, but will become available on both Pennsylvania Equality Project's and the STOP the Hate PA's social media accounts and websites.

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