Wolf Administration Creates Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Office; Hiring Critical Staffing Roles

Harrisburg, PA - May 26, 2021 - The Office of Advocacy and Reform (OAR), established by Governor Tom Wolf's 2019 executive order to protect Pennsylvania's vulnerable populations, today announced the creation of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office and job openings within the office to lead efforts with state agencies and employers across the commonwealth.

"As public servants, commonwealth employees should represent the individuals that we serve," said Gov. Wolf. "My administration is committed to ensuring employers, including the commonwealth, are equipped with the necessary tools to change workplace cultures and understand the advantages to employing individuals with diverse perspectives and voices. It is my hope that all Pennsylvanians feel valued and know that they belong in the commonwealth."

Under OAR, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office has immediate openings for individuals interested in making an impact on workplace culture and effectiveness of state government. Job postings will be available until June 6, 2021. Open positions are detailed further at the links below:

"The OAR team is excited to undertake this important work on behalf of all commonwealth agencies and offices," said Dr. Dan Jurman, the Executive Director of OAR. "We recognize that building diverse teams with multiple points of view and backgrounds leads to better problem-solving, decision-making, and improved outcomes for all Pennsylvanians. These added team members will play a crucial role in helping us achieve new levels of excellence on behalf of everyone we serve in the commonwealth."

Currently, OAR consists of an executive director, an executive policy specialist, a child advocate, and the long-term care ombudsman. The team works on behalf of vulnerable Pennsylvanians both internally across state agencies and externally in Pennsylvania communities.

"In order for all Pennsylvanians to feel like they belong, they need to be represented," said Gov. Wolf. "This team of individuals will be critical in moving the commonwealth forward and creating a stronger, more accepting Pennsylvania for all."

To learn more about OAR, visit here.

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