Ace Week 2020 Oct 25-31

from Marshall John Blount

Ace Week 2020 and beyond is going to be an even bigger celebration for us here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.After of lot of work and waiting.Governor Tom Wolf has recognized Ace Week, a move that is being celebrated in our community within the state and beyond, We've become the third state after Washington and Colorado to recognize Ace Week. As we achieve new levels of representation and visibility, it's important that government spaces learn more about our community. Discrimination and misconceptions towards Ace folk must be fought and prevented in all levels of society.This proclamation from Harrisburg is a step in the right direction.There are an estimated 130,000+ Pennsylvanian Aces.As a Black Asexual Activist who got this done, I hope I'm not the last.

*Ace Week was created in 2010 by Sarah Beth Brooks.It's a week of celebration, education,and representation. It's October 25th to 31st.

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