Staying busy during the new coronavirus pandemic

Each of us is trying to find a way to deal with COVID-19. We could go on a rant about all the mistakes made by and lack of action from our amateur president, but I've already done that so much that I'm almost orange in the face - pun intended. But we should step up and thank the media. Its media that gave you the truth about what is actually happening. Did you notice when the president said, "Anybody who wants a test can get a test"? It was the press that showed you tests were not available. When he told you there were enough masks, it was the press that showed you the shortage in hospitals and for EMTs. When he said, it will be over shortly, and we only have five cases, maybe we'll have 15. It was the press which not only told you he was wrong but showed you the truth. And the biggest lies - when he first knew of the virus and his response to it. That is why we were, and still are, unprepared.

That said, I hope you'll go with what has become a lifelong journey of mine - try and have a little joy in your life every day. You can do that even under these circumstances. If you're non-disabled, how about volunteering your time to deliver food, medicine and needed supplies to those seniors and immunocompromised. Watch a million YouTube videos. Go to and watch a show. Read or even write a book. More importantly - tell your friends, family and coworkers how much they mean to you.

As for Jason and I, we're keeping busy. We decided to do a live Facebook broadcast every day at 2 p.m. We give commentary and LGBT news from around the country and globally, answer questions from our viewers, and we even have an arts and entertainment section. We hope it helps people keep in touch with the world, and it's also good for us and keeps us busy, since it takes us at least an hour to prepare each day.

Years from now, we'll look back at this and ask: What did you do during the virus? And while Jason and I will have much to add, I think we'll say with a smile on our faces "our daily broadcast." If you want to join in, we're there every day at 2 p.m. at

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