"Unlock Erie": VisitErie Introduces New App Challenge

Erie, PA: Beginning June 20, VisitErie launches its latest mobile app challenge, "Unlock Erie." This new initiative will encourage visitors to download VisitErie's free 'Hello Erie' mobile app and explore the region for a chance to win prizes. Unlike previous VisitErie challenges which focused on one tourism aspect such as wineries, "Unlock Erie" is a multi-tiered challenge featuring more than 75 Erie County tourism-related businesses including attractions, restaurants, and retailers.

"Unlock Erie" offers flexibility with no completion deadline, allowing participants to complete the first tier in one visit and work towards completing tiers two and three over multiple visits. Tiers can be accessed anytime, but check-ins for one tier only count toward that specific tier. To complete each tier, participants must check in at a minimum number of places. Once a tier is completed, participants will receive a completion badge which can be turned in for a prize. The three "Unlock Erie" tiers are:

The key to "Unlock Erie" is easy!

"'Unlock Erie' unveils a whole new side of Erie to explore, with every experience offering a little something extra," stated VisitErie President and CEO John Oliver. "Each visit to our region should be extraordinary, and this new app challenge is a great way to inspire our visitors to discover something new."

Complete details for the "Unlock Erie" challenge can be found here.

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