ICYMI: New Data Shows Majority Support for LGBTQ+ Equality, Rejection of Anti-LGBTQ+ Agenda

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support federal nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ+ people

Majority believe that families and medical providers should make decisions regarding care for transgender youth, not politicians

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A strong majority of Americans across partisan divides support LGBTQ+ equality, according to polling data released this morning. In a series of survey questions conducted by the polling organization Navigator Research, nearly two-thirds of respondents indicated support for including sexual orientation and gender identity in federal nondiscrimination protections. That includes 58% of Independents, as well as 42% of Republicans polled.

The data also shows deep worry about politicians attacking LGBTQ+ people, with 79% of respondents saying they are concerned that gay and transgender youth are being bullied and targeted, sometimes leading to suicide. And while anti-equality politicians across the country continue to try to strip people of their freedoms, the survey finds that Americans are soundly rejecting the anti-transgender agenda: 61% said that they could not support candidates who want to ban health care for transgender people, including 59% of independents and 41% of Republicans.

Geoff Wetrosky, HRC's Vice President of National Campaigns, issued the following statement:

"We know this to be true: equality is a winning issue with overwhelming support. Over and over, the American people have made clear that they are fed up with MAGA bullies' obsession with making life harder for LGBTQ+ Americans. People want to know that their families will be taken care of, that their children will be safe, and that everyone will be afforded the freedom to thrive. The anti-LGBTQ+ agenda is a political loser that is putting people in harm's way. It's on all of us to mobilize the pro-equality majority to reject MAGA bullies and chart a path toward freedom and equality for all."

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