Erie Votes - A Roundup of the Results of the 2023 Municipal Election

by Emily Manino

As the diverse voices of Erie County came together at the ballot box, the anticipation surrounding the election results grew. Now, let's delve into the outcomes that will shape the future of local governance, reflecting the collective decisions made by the community in this pivotal electoral moment.

Erie City Council's 4-year term featured a Democratic sweep, with Kathleen Kathy Schaaf leading at 31.5%, followed by Ed Brzezinski at 28.7%, and Tyler Titus at 26.4%. Democrat Pete Sala secured victory in the race for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, District 6, commanding 57.7% of the votes and defeating Republican Eric Mikovch, who garnered 42.3%. The competition was fierce for Erie County Controller, but incumbent Democrat Kyle Foust prevailed with 58.4% of the votes, while Republican Wade Root secured 41.6% of the support.

Erie County Council elections saw incumbent Democrat Terry M. Scutella reclaiming District 1 with 59.3% of the votes, overcoming Republican Cody Foust's 40.7%. In District 3, Democrat Rock Copeland triumphed with 63.3%, surpassing Republican Kim Hunter at 36.7%. District 5 witnessed a tight race, with Democrat Chris Drexel securing 53.0% of the votes, narrowly defeating incumbent Republican Brian Shank, who received 47.0%. In District 7, Republican Ellen Schauerman emerged with 50.2% of the vote, overcoming Democrat incumbent Lorraine Dolan (39.0%) and Independent candidate Rita F. Bishop (10.8%).

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