Erie's Zone Dance Club: A Milestone - 25 Years of Queer Community

Zone bar staff

Erie's Zone Dance Club, a symbol of queer community and celebration, proudly marks its 25th year. This venue's enduring journey began in November 1998 as new owner Bob Regan transformed the Embers into The Zone, which continued to serve Erie's LGBTQ+ community. After six years of resounding success, The Zone moved to its present location at 133 West 18th Street, formerly "The Village," another cherished gay bar. The club is a constant presence, open 365 days a year, with only brief interruptions during COVID-19 and the unforgettable 2017 Snowmageddon snowstorm.

Beyond a mere bar, The Zone offers a welcoming haven for Queer individuals. With its diverse clientele, vibrant drag shows, spacious dance floor, and weekly events, it's a home away from home. The staff's remarkable bond has created a heartfelt, if occasionally 'dysfunctional,' community, and many patrons are integral to it.

The Zone's impact extends through its collaborations with Erie LGBTQ+ organizations like Compton's Table, and Greater Erie Alliance for Equality (GEAE), and NWPA Pride Alliance, establishing itself as a vital social hub that fortifies and unites the local queer community.

Special events adorn their calendar, including the annual Pink Party, celebrating its 18th year in 2023, the glamorous Miss Erie drag pageant, and weekly shows headlined by beloved local talent. Their grandest celebrations take center stage during Pride, Halloween, and New Year's festivities. Through their journey, they've navigated obstacles, faced the loss of friends and family, and confronted hatred and abuse, emerging as a steadfast and unyielding community.

Looking ahead, The Zone is committed to ongoing improvements in their establishment and aesthetics, creating an even more welcoming and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community. Visit The Zone Dance Club at 113 West 18th Street, Erie, PA, or stay updated through their website,, and Facebook page, Cheers to 25 years of love, acceptance, and fabulous fun at The Zone!

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