TransFamily of NWPA Holds Summer Picnic

By  Emily Manino

One of the summer's best traditions took place on August 19th, with TransFamily of NWPA holding its annual picnic on August 19th at Presque Isle State Park. The organization celebrated eleven years of supporting trans joy and family bonds. It brought together people from the transgender and gender-diverse community for an afternoon of fun, community, and even kayaking! TransFamily of NWPA continues to demonstrate acceptance of people for who they are and promotes how our differences make us special. The best part was the shared potluck meal and sweets for everyone in the hope they continue to form a deeper understanding of one another.

TransFamily of NWPA has many events throughout the year, in addition to their monthly support groups in Erie and Meadville. In a few weeks, TransFamily will bring people together again for Transgender Day of Remembrance 2023. Transgender Day of Remembrance 2023, observed on November 20th, will honor lives lost to transphobia. It is a time for us to remember, mourn, and stand together, affirming our commitment to a world where transgender individuals can live free from violence and discrimination.

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