LGBTQ Equality Maps and State Bills Updates for March 2023

Included in this update:

State Policy Updates

Additional details about these policies and updates to our maps are available on MAP's blog. Click here to read more.

Nondiscrimination protections

Identity document laws and policies

Illinois enacted improvements to its process for updating the gender marker on birth certificates. Illinois was already in the best category on our map for this policy, but this change removes even more barriers.

LGBTQ-inclusive family policies

Illinois also enacted a new law requiring paid leave for all workers, for any reason.

Our maps track whether states have family/medical leave laws and whether they define "spouse" and "child" in LGBTQ-inclusive ways.

Medical care for transgender youth

Bans on sports participation for transgender youth

Education policies for LGBTQ youth

Religious exemption laws

West Virginia enacted a new broad religious exemption law?-?which is sometimes called a "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" or RFRA.

Generally speaking, this type of law permits people, churches, non-profit organizations, and sometimes corporations to seek exemptions from state laws that they believe burden their religious beliefs. The individual person or organization must seek out the exemption, such as through court proceedings.

West Virginia is now the 24th state in the U.S. with such a law.

Restrictions on drag performances

Tennessee became the first state to enact a law restricting drag performances.

With a new drag restriction and a medical care ban both enacted this month, Tennessee has now fallen to last place on our LGBTQ Policy Tally rankings.

Anti-LGBTQ bills awaiting decisions

In addition to the updates above, there are multiple anti-LGBTQ bills on governors' desks. Our relevant maps will be updated if and when these bills are enacted. Note that the following may not be an exhaustive list, as bills are moving rapidly.

Updates to LGBTQ Equality Maps

New LGBTQ Equality Maps

MAP recently released two maps tracking newly emerging anti-LGBTQ laws:

Many of these bills also prescribe criminal penalties. We've added restrictions on drag performances to our "Criminal Justice" category of laws.

These provisions are often included in bans on medical care for transgender youth, and similar language is frequently found in school-focused bills.

MAP's LGBTQ Equality Bill Tracker

To continue highlighting trends across the country, included below are our current bill-tracking counts for LGBTQ-related bills in state legislatures.

Note that these counts may differ from other organizations or public counts for a variety of reasons, and this work is greatly facilitated by the leadership and work of other organizations including the Equality Federation and their member state groups.

As of March 21, 2023:

At least 580 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced across at least 45 states.

- This is an increase of 170 bills compared to our February 2023 bill-tracking report.

- Note: Louisiana still has not yet begun its state legislative session.

At least 132 anti-transgender medical care ban or related bills have been introduced across at least 33 states.

- This is an increase of 28 bills compared to February 2023.

At least 67 anti-transgender athlete/sports ban or related bills have been introduced across at least 27 states.

- This is an increase of 9 bills compared to February 2023.

At least 47 anti-drag bills have been introduced across at least 17 states.

- This is an increase of 9 bills compared to February 2023.

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