Community Spotlight #2: Bears Do Dinner

Bears Do Dinner is a local social group in Erie, PA, that started almost ten years ago, in July 2013. Each month, a restaurant is selected and announced in our Facebook Group "Bears Do Dinner - Erie, PA." . Individuals are on their own to join us for dinner. Everyone can enjoy the company of other bears and their friends, as well as the cuisine of that month's restaurant!

Several years before Bears Do Dinner started, Drenched Fur made its debut in Erie. Before Drenched Fur, an annual event for the Bear Community, there had not been any ongoing activities that catered to the Bear community. Other cities, like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Cleveland, had regular Bear activities such as annual events and bar nights. Erie attempted to follow suit with Bear Bar Nights but did not have as much success as other cities.

I suggested that we try something different, like a group that goes out to dinner every month, and Bears Do Dinner was created. One of my friends, Gary Snyder, was instrumental in helping the group get up and running. He has also maintained a database of all the dates, restaurant locations, and the number of people participating each month.

While we have had great experiences wherever we have had dinner, some locations became favorites, and we have been to more than once, such as Pineapple Eddie's, Golden Wok, Casablanca Grill, Brewerie, Syd's Place, Erie Brewing, and others! On February 16, 2023 at 6 PM, we will celebrate our 100th month of Bears Do Dinner. The location will be announced later in January, and it will be memorable!

Peter Genco, Bears Do Dinner Coordinator
814.384.9785  (text/voice)

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