LGBTQ-Friendly Senior Housing Community To Be Built in Pittsburgh

In 2017, a group of community leaders met to discuss the idea of building an LGBTQ-friendly housing community. Five years later, Persad Center is excited to share that Presbyterian SeniorCare Network has received critical funding needed to build the first LGBTQ-friendly senior housing community in Pittsburgh!

Working with UPMC Health System to secure the real estate, a 52-unit building will be built at the intersection of Forbes and Craft Avenue, close to the universities, hospitals and readily accessible to public transportation. There are approximately 12-15 other cities who offer this similar type of housing and we can now add Pittsburgh to the list!

"With the Pittsburgh region continuing to have an older age demographic than the rest of the U.S., it only makes sense that LGBTQ-friendly housing will be successful," said Marty Healey, Chief Executive Officer at Persad Center. "As our LGBTQ population continues to age, we often hear from our clients that finding a place to live that is safe and accepting is a concern for them. Older people often experience isolation and loneliness which affects their mental health. This housing community will offer a welcoming place, where people can feel free to be themselves, in an environment where they will be treated respectfully and compassionately." Persad Center is the leading mental health agency in the region and has been serving the LGBTQ+ community since 1972.

It is estimated that by 2030 the population of LGBTQ elders will be 7 million. SAGE, the national organization that offers supportive services and consumer resources to LGBTQ older people and their caregivers, estimates that this population is twice as likely to be single, live alone, and four times less likely to have children. In the recent Pennsylvania LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment released by the PA Department of Health, 53.3% of older Pennsylvanians said they have faced discrimination for being LGBTQ.

"Presbyterian SeniorCare Network has a decades-long history of awareness and support for person-centered care and services for seniors," said Jim Pieffer, President and CEO of Presbyterian SeniorCare Network. "It will be an honor to serve this special population of older adults who have experienced difficulty receiving housing and services in the past."

Pieffer anticipates that the total development cost will range between $26-27 million. The $4 million in credits announced on Thursday should result in $14 million in investment for the project. The project has secured zoning and planning approvals from the City of Pittsburgh and, if all goes according to plan, construction should begin in Summer 2023. The new community could open in Fall 2024.

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network has partnered with Affirmative Investments, a nationally known developer of affordable housing, for this project. "Affirmative Investments is very excited to work on its fifth project with Presbyterian SeniorCare Network to meet the needs of Pittsburgh seniors," said David Ennis, President of Affirmative Investments.

Persad Center is proud to join Presbyterian SeniorCare Network as a partner on this exciting project. Stay tuned for additional details!

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