Meadville Pride celebrated by NW PA Pride Alliance

A mother came up to Alex Sphon, President of NW PA Pride Alliance, at the street fair to give him a hug and thank him for the Meadville Pride which was celebrated on Saturday, July 23. In talking with her, he found out her ten year old child had just came out as transgender. She has never seen her child feel truly at home in public till today’s event.

This is why Pride is important.

That feeling of having a safe place to be able to express yourself surrounded by caring and supportive people is what NW PA Pride hoped to bring to their first ever Meadville Pride.

More than two hundred people gathered at Diamond Park for the opening ceremonies. The crowd was welcomed by Sphon and Meadville Mayor Jaime Kinder. Also addressing those gathered was Meadville resident Travis Smith, who along with NW PA board member Brett Staskiewicz and Mar Harkless, helped to locally coordinate the event.

Following the speakers, there were drag performances by Rose Winters, Debbie and Alysin Wonderland. Attendees then paraded around Diamond Park concluding in the street fair of more than thirty crafters and information booths set up on Chestnut Street.

The event was such a success the board hopes to be coming back again next year.


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