We have a winner! 2021 Miss Erie Pageant Recap

by Michael Mongera

The 2021 Miss Erie pageant was filled to the brim with local talent and a dazzling showcase.

On September 10, patrons, and queens near and far flocked to the Zone Dance Club, 133 W 18th St, Erie PA, for the 20th annual Miss Erie pageant. Five queens competed for the coveted title and succeed the glamorous Rebecca Mae. This year’s theme was "Leather, Feathers, and Lace". The panel of judges included Michelle Michaels at the head of the table, renowned hairstylist Thom Haraczy, Erie Playhouse staple Moe Ferrera, graphics designer Patrick Hiller, and Ashley Lauria.

Local queens such as Alysin Wonderland, Debbie, and Shea D’Heaux competed alongside out-of-towners, Indi Skies and Snarebear. The five competing queens held a tough battle for the crown. Both Debbie and Shea D’ Heaux tied in the talent competition of the night. Additionally, Debbie took home Miss Congeniality. Between the Pageant segments, the night was chock-full of individual performances; A few of them include, Buffy Lynn Hayes, Danyel Vasquez, Misty Michaels Kall, Priscilla Godzilla, Rebecca Mae, Taylor Morgan, and Valerie Valentino.

Ultimately, Indi Skies was crowned as the new Miss Erie. Debbie was her first alternate, followed by Shea D’Heaux. The gals put on a spectacular show to reign in the new winner.


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