Equality for PA Series: NW PA

by Dana Rasmussen, TransFamily of NW PA Board Member- she/her/hers

What impacts and barriers does Pennsylvania face due to the lack of statewide LGBTQ+ protections?

This was the main question of a Facebook Live event held on April 1st by Representative Brian Sims.

The panel consisted of Alex Sphon, Dana Rasmussen, and Leroy Oglesby. Collectively they represent the following local LGBT+ organizations: City of Erie LGBTQ+ Advisory Council, Greater Erie Alliance for Equality, NW PA Pride Alliance, and TransFamily of NWPA.

While the city and county of Erie have specific protections from LGBTQ+ discrimination, there are Pennsylvania cities and counties which do not.

Among the items discussed were; importance of an LGBTQ+ council, access to health care including mental health, housing, public accommodations, employment, and safety.

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