Trump revealed how he'll steal the election

By Mark Segal from Philadelphia Gay News

Last weekend I had just finished Mary Trump's book "Too Much and Never Enough," when I decided to turn on TV.  There was Donald Trump, the world's most dangerous man, as the book says, holding another campaign rally disguised as a press conference.

He was there to explain that he was signing executive orders regarding veterans, then went on to discuss the failure of his administration to come to an agreement with the Democrats on a COVID-19 relief bill. In fact, he has not personally met with any of the House leadership to give relief to those suffering with the virus, those unemployed by the virus, or those in need of food for their families.

As expected from Trump, he spoke lots of untruths and posturing during his press conference, but what got me was his hammering of the completely false point that the democrats were going to steal the election by putting new voter rules into a relief package that would allow the postal system to deliver fraudulent votes

But, as we all know, the President's base will believe anything he says, including, and especially, the lies.

Then came Trump's full-fledged assault on the postal system. In order to suppress Democratic votes, his lackey, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, began to dismantle the postal system by literally taking sorting machines offline, collecting USPS mailboxes and trashing them, and stopping all overtime.

The public began to notice. They noticed that their medicines by mail weren't coming, their pension checks weren't coming, their insurance refunds were not coming. 

This assault on the USPS is, Trump thinks, his road map on how to slow government down, refuse to safeguard the election, and then contest the election results, battleground state by battleground state, if they don't go his way.

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