Deadline for October 2017 print edition (issue # 263) of Erie Gay News is Friday, September 15

For the next print edition of Erie Gay News (issue # 263, cover dated for October 2017), please send in calendar events, news items, and other info for late September 2017 and beyond by Friday, September 15. We expect that the next print edition will come out on Tuesday, September 26.

If you are writing an article for Erie Gay News, please try to keep it to 500 words or less; we generally try to have most articles be a page or less. (250 words is a half-page, which is also a good length.) We can post longer articles to our web site.

If you have anything happening in late September 2017 (or even later-we can always add items to the internal calendar for later listing), please get it to us by Friday, September 15. Please always bear in mind the "6 week" rule; if you are having a special event that you want to let folks know about, you need to get us the details even preliminary/tentative is okay) 6 weeks before the event takes place. You can find an extensive list of upcoming deadlines and distribution dates at . This has our editorial schedule through the end of 2018.

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