The Most Valuable Home Improvements

Some people decide to sell their home almost spontaneously. They will decide they want to move, put their home on the market, and sell it, more or less, as it is. They might paint and do a few basic repairs, but overall, they don't do anything to majorly change the value of their home. Other people, though, purchase homes with the intention of increasing their value. They may plan to live in the home for a certain period of time before selling it at a profit. Others buy homes for as little as possible, upgrade them, and put them back on the market.

If you're interested in either of these options, you're going to want to make sure the improvements you make to your home are worth it. If you're spending $20,000 to remodel a house, but only end up increasing its value by around $12,000, you've lost money. Even if you don't care about selling your house for significantly more than you paid for it, you may be interested in knowing what will increase your home's value.

Do Maintenance First

Before considering expanding or remodeling, make sure your home is solidly built. Take care of any leaks or other issues before you do anything else. Buyers aren't going to be impressed by your in-ground pool if the roof has a leak or your floorboards are loose. Paint and replace anything broken before you start putting money into other things. Redo the floors if you have stains on the carpet, cracked tiles, or old linoleum that's looking pretty dingy.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

Two of the areas where remodels can really impress potential buyers are the bathroom and the kitchen. People spend more time in these two areas than they might think, and you can often recoup upwards of twice what you put into remodels. Upgrading your kitchen with stone or granite countertops can add a touch of class to the space. The same goes with putting in cabinets that are entirely made of wood or using wood or stone floors instead of laminate. Anything that appears traditional is often quite popular.

In the bathroom, walk-in showers are currently more popular than large bathtubs. Those on the go simply don't have time to relax in the tub, so they're looking for a good-sized shower they can hop into and out of fairly quickly.

However, before you do a bathroom remodel, consider adding another bathroom if your home only has one. While single buyers won't mind, married couples and families will often state a lack of second bathroom as a deal-breaker. Older houses in particular tend to have only one bathroom, so adding a second definitely needs to take priority there.

The Exterior

While making the interior of your home look amazing is one thing, it's a waste of money if no one ever sees it. You want to make certain that the exterior of your home looks great, which is why many real estate agents recommend investing in some repairs and updates. Replacing the siding on your home is one of the best investments you can make, as is doing some simple landscaping. Putting in a new fence can also be a great way of adding some value to your home, especially if your current fence is sagging.

More Space

Increasing the square footage of your home is another way of increasing your selling price. Sunrooms, finished basements, and even a new garden shed can help attract buyers. The basic rule of thumb is that for every 1,000 extra square feet of space you add, you can increase your selling price by around 30%. Adding a bathroom, as mentioned, needs to be the first addition you consider. Other great options include sunrooms, family rooms, and safe rooms. If you live in an area with frequent tornadoes, a safe room can greatly boost your asking price. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate that has fairly mild weather, a sunroom may be the better option.

Are You Ready to Sell?

If you've put some money into your property and are ready to sell it, it's time to seek out a great real estate agent. If you're a member of the LGBT community, you may find that you're more comfortable working with a gay or lesbian agent. These experts often have more insight into your particular needs and can help you find a great home while working to sell your current property. You can find one of these agents on

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