New name: Erie Sisters is now Erie Sisters and Brothers

from Erie Sisters and Bothers

The Erie Sisters Transgender Support Group, established in 1991, has undergone a formal change of name. Recognizing the need to welcome and serve the entire transgender community, the name has been changed to the Erie Sisters and Brothers. 

According to Erie Sisters and Brothers president, Melanie Shubitowski, "The male to female aspect of the transgender community has long been associated with the transgender condition, but in recent years there have been an increasing number of female to male, genetically or biologically intersexed, and gender neutral individuals coming forward and making themselves known. With the information explosion and recent emergence of celebrities like former Olympic athlete, Caitlyn Jenner, and actress, LaVerne Cox, the general public is becoming more aware and sensitive of transgender issues, and as a result, trans individuals are increasingly coming out." The change of our name reflects the need to provide resources to the trans community as a whole, as well as a broader public awareness. 

While our web address will remain the same, our logo, layout and operations will undergo changes in the near future. The Erie Sisters and Brothers operates under the parent 501c3 corporation, the Lake Erie Group, and also hosts the annual Lake Erie Gala, which is moved up this year from our traditional week in November to Halloween week in October. The Gala itself will also be expanded to be more welcoming to a broader base of the trans community. "We are very excited about the change and potential it brings" says Melanie. 

The Erie Sisters and Brothers web site can be found at The web site membership, now numbering over 1,600 worldwide, is moderated and closely monitored to provide a safe environment for trans individuals, as well as family, friends and allies of the trans community. 

For more information, visit our website or contact Melanie at (440) 265-8191 or e-mail Melanie is also the CEO of the Lake Erie Group and director of the Lake Erie Gala. 

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