RainbowFest 2024 On April 13

from OddCity Entertainment

RainbowFest 2024, held on April 13 at Basement Transmissions, 145 W 11th St, Erie, PA, by OddCity Entertainment, was a heartwarming day of unity, talent, and pure love, bringing together our local queer community in a celebration of our vibrant diversity. Our theme, centered around spotlighting the incredible talent within our area, was beautifully echoed in the inspiring speeches by our guest speakers: Susannah Faulkner, David Moore, Gabe Genua, and Rianna Czech. Their words set the stage for an unforgettable lineup of 15 bands and solo musicians, each pouring their souls into the music they shared. The festival came alive with the fierce energy of six captivating drag performance artists, each a beacon of creativity and self-expression. And then there was the live art by Gavin Doss, the son of one of our organizers, Athena Rose-his creations added a personal touch that filled the air with creativity and warmth. Beyond the music and performances, our community rallied together to make a difference, raising an incredible $1,000 for Comptons Table and four large bags of gender affirming clothing and accessories! As we said our farewells, our hearts were full. Each attendee left feeling not just accepted but truly seen and embraced. RainbowFest 2024 wasn't just an event-it was a celebration of who we are, a testament to our strength, creativity, and the power of love that binds us all together.


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