ICYMI: Tennessee Lawmakers Giving Free Rein to Overt Discrimination - More Than a Dozen Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Dominate Legislative Activity

Nashville, TN - March 12, 2024 - Last week, the Tennessee legislature heard more than a dozen bills attacking the LGBTQ+ community - and this week, the parade of discrimination is poised to be even worse with more anti-equality bills being considered. These proposals aim to restrict LGBTQ+ rights statewide and terminate resources for the community like the Tennessee Human Rights Commission. Outright attacks on health care for transgender people, education, and adoption services are also part of the coordinated legislative assault.

Reminder: even before the onslaught of bills being considered this week, Tennessee had already enacted more anti-LGBTQ+ laws than any other state since 2015. At least a dozen explicitly anti-LGBTQ+ bills are currently being considered, and HRC is monitoring others that could have devastating consequences for Tennesseans.

The bills attacking the rights and lives of LGBTQ+ Tennesseans include:

Since 2015, Tennessee has enacted 15 anti-LGBTQ+ laws, more than any other state in the country. It has passed novel legislation, like the business bathroom sign law and the drag ban, and been part of, if not led on, every trend in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in recent years. Tennessee has banned transgender students from playing school sports three times; forbidden students from using the correct bathroom at school; allowed government contractors providing child welfare services to discriminate with taxpayer dollars; regulated the ability of transgender youth to access age-appropriate gender affirming care, and several others.

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