Rainbow Flag ban at U.S. Embassies - Statement from the Gilbert Baker Foundation

Statement from Charles Beal, President, Gilbert Baker Foundation and Save the Rainbow Flag Campaign:

Banning the Rainbow Flag: the Latest Act of GOP Madness

" The Republican agenda is an obvious one: Distract from real issues by assaulting the most vulnerable. That's why they have focused their hatred on the LGBTQ+ community. After years of legislating book bans, curriculum censorship, bathroom restrictions and withholding medically needed gender therapy, their latest act is signature Republican cruelty: For a crucial trillion-dollar budget that would prevent a government shutdown, the GOP slipped in a measure to ban the display of Rainbow Flags at U.S. embassies all over the world."

"This is not an act of mere symbolism. In too many countries, being queer is punishable by imprisonment or death. Measures like this give a green light to violence and homophobia both at home and abroad. It places more LGBTQ+ people at tangible risk. It is an outrageous abuse of the political process.

This cynical political maneuver is typical of the GOP, the Party of Destruction. But equally egregious is that President Biden and Democrats approved the budget, knowing the poison pill line item that had already been added.

Now, President Biden vows to repeal the embassy flag ban measure. We will hold him to his vow. Will he expend the political capital necessary to make the repeal happens? We must remember that he and the Congress capitulated to a small group of GOP manipulators and, in this instance, saw the global LGBTQ+ community as expendable.

The Democratic Party positions itself as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. They must hold their ground. They must represent and defend all of us. Otherwise, an emboldened GOP, led by Trump, will only escalate their merciless attacks on our vulnerable communities."

Charley Beal, President

Gilbert Baker Foundation

Note: The Gilbert Baker Foundation (GBF) which honors the creator of the Rainbow flag, in 2023 launched a collaborative initiative with the ACLU and created a toolkit to help local activists fight back. For more see : https://gilbertbaker.com/save-the-rainbow/

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