HIV Science: Cut It Out

Erie County Department of Health

Recently, the University of Amsterdam announced the findings of their team of scientists working on a new frontier of HIV treatment. Their approach is using the Nobel Prize-winning Crispr gene editing technology. The U of A team presented a review of early findings on a 'proof of concept' as a potential future treatment of HIV.

Crispr is a technique where DNA is cut to change genetic material for various reasons. When HIV first enters the human body, it inserts its own DNA into our immune cells and then stays dormant. When not taking medicine, the HIV DNA can 'reawaken,' and the virus starts spreading throughout the body. The new concept for using Crispr could be a way to remove the dormant/sleeping cells. This idea follows the first of a similar treatment for sickle cell anemia. While exciting, the results have several scientific trials to be done with years to go before we see the potential of this new type of HIV treatment.

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