PENNCREST School Board Director Jeff Brooks Not Running For Re-Election

PENNCREST school board director Jeff Brooks has decided not to run for re-election. The insults, accusations and debased behavior from those who oppose his positions apparently took their toll. Brooks made clear, however, that he is not going away.

"seeing the posts out there implying I'm a groomer and people misrepresenting policy, lying about child porn... I'm out," he wrote on his Facebook page Jeff Brooks for PENNCREST...

"And, with [school board president] Mr.DeFrancesco going so low as to look up my recently deceased parents wills for dirt, his minions hashtagging groomer... I can't just keep trying to go high. These people make me sick. "

"I feel more free to do my duty to shine light on the bigotry, homophobia, private emails, and hatred spewed by the majority of the current board and trying to get them to focus on schools, education and community vs pumping up their self worth at the cost of education and tax payers."

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