PA Equality Project's Meadville FreeShop 2022 Results

On Monday, November 28, PA Equality Project held the Meadville FreeShop 2022. Generous donors dropped off 7 totes, 15 boxes and 25 bags of clothing, blankets, books, DVDs and CDs, kitchen items, and other household goods. Once on display, the items were free to the public to collect on November 29. PA Equality Project President David Moore said, "With so many needy people in Meadville and Crawford County, our organization wanted to give back to the public as much as we could. We look forward to working with the Meadville Public Library throughout 2023 providing for greater community outreach."

PEP is planning a series of events at the library including Meadville FreeShop 2023 Spring Edition on March 31 (Day of Gathering) and April 1 (FreeShop Day) from 10 AM - 4 PM both days.PEP will also be starting a chess club at the Meadville Public Library on March 11 from 12 Noon until 3 PM, and hosting other social gatherings. Details on these events will be coming to the PEP website in early January. For questions about or suggestions for events, please email

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