Armstrong Trans Student Attacked in Kittanning

A 14-year-old transgender girl, Willow Andring, suffered a concussion after being called names then physically attacked inside Armstrong Junior-Senior High School in Kittanning. The October 27 attack was recorded.

"She is incredibly strong," said Willow’s mother, Heather Andring. "She has been called names before and sort of has articulated that she could bear it, she could handle it, but she indicated that she never thought this would happen to her. At the same time, as a mom, it’s always been my biggest worry."

At the November 8 school board meeting, Heather and others asked the board for a change in the culture of the school. She additionally referred to the fact that Armstrong students were recently banned from hockey games after they chanted vulgar comments at the opposing team’s female goalie.

During the meeting, the board said, "We are listening, and we are certainly willing to work with the community and the administration to do whatever it takes to be proactive and not reactive to this problem and promote change."

Heather Andring said an inclusivity group has formed at Armstrong. Willow is back in school.

Armstrong County parents and supporters have set up a Facebook page, as well as Facebook group, both called STOP the Hate Armstrong County to try to address bullying and intolerance for the Armstrong community. It has about 700 members at this point.

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