Leonard-Litz Foundation and Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center Partner to Support Community-Based LGBTQ COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics Throughout Northeast U.S.

The partnership includes grants and technical assistance to five LGBTQ community centers.

ALLENTOWN, PA - Leonard-Litz Foundation, a private foundation in Connecticut, and Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, a nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania, are partnering to increase the capacity of LGBTQ centers to host COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Five LGBTQ community centers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic have been selected to receive a grant from the Leonard-Litz Foundation and technical assistance from Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.

The five centers are:

  1. The Frederick Center (Frederick, Maryland)
  2. The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
  3. LGBT Center of Greater Reading (Reading, Pennsylvania)
  4. The LOFT LGBTQ+ Community Center (White Plains, New York)
  5. Pride Center of Vermont (Burlington, Vermont)

The five participating centers are organizing leading-edge vaccine promotion strategies, even adding incentives such as drag performances and additional health services to the vaccine sites.

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center has been offering LGBTQ COVID-19 vaccine clinics since mid-March and has arranged over 1,000 doses through clinics held on-site. This partnership seeks to ensure that LGBTQ community centers across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are prepared to offer COVID-19 vaccines for the LGBTQ community in their service areas.

"Vaccine hesitancy is the number one issue we need to address if we want to return to living our lives," said Elliot Leonard, founder of the Leonard-Litz Foundation. "The LGBTQ community has endured decades of discrimination from both public and private health organizations, and many are understandably concerned about revealing personal information as part of the vaccination process.

This partnership seeks to address that head-on by implementing vaccine protocols through LGBTQ-supportive organizations."

"The COVID-19 vaccine is essential to protecting the lives of LGBTQ people -- and all people," said Adrian Shanker, executive director of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. "But due to many barriers to care, LGBTQ people may not be able to access vaccines. That's why Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center is so pleased to partner with Leonard-Litz Foundation and five regional LGBTQ centers to increase capacity for COVID-19 vaccine clinics specifically for the LGBTQ community."

The Leonard-Litz Foundation helps the LGBTQ community fulfill their potential by supporting organizations that work to improve the lives of the LGBTQ community, with an emphasis on intersectional LGBTQ advocacy.

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