PA LGBTQ Townhall on December 9

from Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTA Affairs

On Wednesday, December 9, the Pennsylvania Commission for LGBTQ Affairs hosted a statewide town hall for LGBTQ Pennsylvanians to talk about their experiences on issues such as discrimination, education equity, aging services, access and quality of health services, and housing, among others. About 120 people attended, The commission wanted to be as informed as possible in their advocacy for legislative and policy initiatives and help individuals and organizations find resources and support. Speakers representing a wide array of backgrounds and perspectives included Matt Haslam, Marshall Blount, Senator Tim Kearney, Janelle Crossley, Marilyn Blackburn, Terri Clark, Ceshia Elmore, Amanda Blouir, Trista Cochran, and Ciora Thomas.


PA LGBTQ Townhall - Posted Dec 21, 2020


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