Transgender Day of Remembrance Virtual Vigil on Nov 20

from TransFamily of NW PA

Friday, November 20 - TransFamily of NWPA, again, honored our transgender, non-binary, or gender nonconforming family members lost over the past year due to acts of violence.

Due to concern for public safety and to maintain social distancing, the vigil was held virtually as a Zoom meeting. Dana Rasmussen gave opening remarks about the circumstances of how each person was taken from us.

Volunteers presented the photographs and information celebrating the memory of each of the 45 individuals lost in the last year from a PowerPoint. Community members read the information for each individual lost, which included name, age, date the person was taken from us, and a glimpse of who the person was.

Ms. Rasmussen gave closing remarks that focused on how an attempt was made this year to remember the person lost and their life and not to glorify the violence which took them from us. She also noted that the 45 lives lost is the highest number reported for the U.S. alone. Worldwide it is estimated that over 350 transgender, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming people were killed in the past year due to violent acts. TransFamily of NWPA has a video of the presentation and transcript of the remarks on their Facebook page at

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