Transgender Coalition of Pennsylvania Formed

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgency of coming together in an unprecedented time, Transgender Coalition of Pennsylvania has been formed and we are looking for trans and nonbinary Pennsylvanians to come together and join a space of healing, convening, and planning. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it has become very clear that we need spaces we can have conversations that center our lives, experiences, and journey's toward equality and demarginalization in Pennsylvania.

We welcome all topics of discussions concerning healing, economic growth, city, county and statewide issues concerning our trans and non-binary communities of Pennsylvania, while also finding innovative ways to be included as Pennsylvanian's with particular needs concerning safety, housing, access to competent health care, police relations, city/county, and state legislation/policies, and inclusion within the city and state governmental spaces of Pennsylvania.

This initiative is spearheaded by SisTers PGH, a trans and nonbinary led 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides housing and direct resources for our trans and nonbinary communities of Pittsburgh and more specifically Allegheny County.

SisTers PGH Founder & Executive Director Ciora Thomas is the first black trans woman to be appointed as Commissioner of Pennsylvania's Commission on LGBT Affairs, which is the first statewide LGBT focused commission in the country. She hopes to also use this position as a commissioner to bring our communities together around the state creating a coalition of trans leadership and organizations doing the work that doesn't get seen in Pennsylvania.

Join us as we unify our voices as ONE, in order to affirm our existence within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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