Western PA PFLAG Regional Training for Support Group Facilitators Discussed

from Mitchell R Hortert

During the last Western PA regional meeting, we discussed hosting a region-wide training for support group facilitators. This training would be open to anyone who is interested from your chapter, regardless of being a board member, officer, chapter member or none of the above. I encourage you to spread the word to anyone who may be of interest in becoming a support group facilitator for your chapter. The training consists of practical information and role plays to help new facilitators learn the skills to become an effective group leader. On many occasions, becoming a support group facilitator can be a great first step to finding new individuals to join the board of your chapters.  Please get in contact with Mitchell R Hortert at mrhortert@gmail.com if you and your chapter are interested in this idea and I will begin to make arrangements in the next few weeks.

Area PFLAG Chapters

Akron, OH               (330) 342-5825 -Meets on the Third Thursday of the Month at 7:00pm
Butler, PA                (878) 271-4230 -Meets on the Second Thursday of the Month at 5:00pm
Greensburg, PA       (412) 373-7252 -Meets on the Third Sunday of the Month at 2:00pm
Meadville, PA          (814) 724-6736 -Meets on the Third Tuesday of the Month at 7:00pm
Pittsburgh, PA         (412) 833-4556 -Meets on the Second Sunday of the Month at 2:00pm
Youngstown, OH     (330) 747-2696 -Meets on the Second Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm

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