OutServe-SLDN statement on withdrawal of Mark Green as nominee to be Secretary of the Army

(WASHINGTON) May 5, 2017 – The nation's oldest and largest LGBT military organization today reacted to the withdrawal of Mark Green to be Army Secretary. Matt Thorn, Executive Director for OutServe-SLDN, issued the following statement announcing the campaign:

"Serving as Secretary of the Army is an incredible and vital role to the success of our modern military. Mark Green did not live up to the duty and honor that is expected of an individual serving in such a role. Mr. Green has better served the Army with his withdrawal than he would have as Secretary."

OutServe-SLDN (OS-SLDN) is the largest non-profit, legal services, advocacy and policy organization dedicated to bringing about full LGBT equality to America's military and ending all forms of discrimination and harassment of military personnel on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. With more than fifty chapters and 60,000 subscribers around the world, OS-SLDN supports a professional network of LGBT military personnel and strives to create an environment of respect in the military with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity. OS-SLDN provides free and direct legal assistance to service members and veterans affected by the repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law and the prior regulatory ban on open service, as well as those currently serving who may experience harassment or discrimination. For more information, visit www.outserve-sldn.org.

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