Is It Time to Move?

Are you starting to feel as if your home just isn't quite right for you anymore? There could be a number of different reasons why you feel that way. Sometimes, all you need to do is remodel a couple of rooms or change things around a bit. Other times, it may be time to start the house-hunting process. How can you tell the difference between when it's time to start looking at the housing market and when you should start looking for an interior decorator? Here are a few signs that likely indicate it's time to move.

One easy sign that definitely means you need to move and not remodel is when you've outgrown your space. If you find yourself unable to find a place to store a few boxes or your Christmas decorations, it may not seem like it's a big deal. You might be able to get a small storage shed to hold your overflow. If you've just welcomed a new addition to the family or have several kids who are clamoring for their own room, though, it might be time to look for a larger home. This may also be the case if you're starting a home-based business or want to telecommute and need a dedicated office area. You could add on to your home, but with the amount of money that's likely to cost, it's often more cost-effective to purchase a larger home.

If you need to increase the size of one room in your home rather than adding new space, you'll have to take a look at the layout of your house to determine if you can remodel to meet your needs. For example, if you want a larger kitchen and have some unused space in the dining room, you might be able to move a wall back. On the other hand, if the rooms next to your kitchen are already fairly small, you may not have that option. Take a look at your overall space and see if you can use some of it more efficiently or if you have a lot of unused space in one room. If so, remodeling may get you the space you want. If the space simply isn't there, though, you'll have to move or add on.

Another thing that remodeling won't change is the size of your yard. If you've got children who have reached the age where they want to play outside a lot or if you've decided you want a dog, you might need a larger backyard. Unfortunately, unless there's land for sale adjacent to your property, you can't easily expand your yard size. Your only option in this case is to look at moving to a home with a larger lot of land.

Some people decide it's time to move based on factors other than the size of their property. If you have really loud neighbors who, despite multiple requests, continue to be loud or antagonistic, it might be time to get away from them. Your street may have a high volume of traffic on it during the night, which can make it hard to sleep. Maybe you're in a neighborhood that just doesn't feel very welcoming. Perhaps your commute to work has changed and is now much longer than it once was. All of these factors can be a reason why you might want to move. Often, one of them isn't quite enough to make you want to start looking at homes, but when you have several different reasons to move, it's often enough to give you the push you need.

One reason some people in the LGBT community decide to move is because they no longer feel welcome in the neighborhood. Some may find a home they love in an area predominantly populated by other LGBT individuals and families. If you've decided you need to move, you may want to seek out a gay or lesbian real estate agent such as those listed at These experts can assist you in finding the perfect home that fits your needs and is located in an area you absolutely love.

Are you ready to move? In the end, you simply have to make the decision yourself. There's no magic checklist that can tell you if it's time to move. You have to look at your housing needs, finances, and at the other things going on in your life. However, the factors listed above can give you an idea if moving is the right choice for you.

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