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Deb Spilko

Co-editor, Writer

Deb created most of the written content of the EGN during all but its last year in print form and for much of that time was the main editor as well. She was also responsible for writing the grant application that essentially helped bring the EGN into existence. She has continued to write informational articles and compilations of entertainment and resource listings for the web site and has returned as writer and co-editor of the current print edition. Birthday is 5/22. 15 article(s).

Michael Mahler


Co-editor, Business Manager, Technical Support

Michael was one of the original editors of EGN, the main resource for timely information of interest to the local Erie area GLBT community. In addition to doing all of the little day-to-day chores of upkeeping computer files and equipment, and compiling the local calendar of events, he has also served as the main support contact for the Erie GLBT community and liaison to main stream media. When the phone rings or the e-mail messages are sent, he's probably the one at the other end of the line. Birthday is 8/21. 152 article(s).

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