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Enter to win Romy and Michele's High School Reunion on Blu-ray™! - Inventing Post Its September 11, 2012
Enter to win Romy and Michele's High School Reunion on Blu-ray™! - Save the Last Dance September 11, 2012
Enter to win a Bachelorette party survival kit! - Bachelorette official red band trailer September 07, 2012
Enter to win a Mary Marie on DVD from TLA Releasing! - Mary Marie trailer

Mary Marie trailer from Alexandra Roxo on Vimeo.

September 07, 2012
IN THE LIFE Releases 'The Truth Comes Out' - The Truth Comes Out September 05, 2012
Win Heart Strange Euphoria Box Set - Heart- Ann and Nancy Wilson Open The Strange Euphoria Box Se September 04, 2012
Edie Windsor Petitions Supreme Court to Rule on The Defense of Marriage Act - Edie Takes on DOMA September 02, 2012
Enter to win a For A Good Time, Call… prize pack! - For A Good Time, Call… red band trailer August 31, 2012
'Be Good Johnny Weir' - Tune In - New Season Premieres Monday, Sept. 17th on Logo - Be Good Johnny Weir: Matthew Mitcham August 30, 2012
In Ad to Air During RNC, Republican Mayor Of San Diego Advocates Marriage for All - Family and Freedom - Republicans for Marriage Equality August 25, 2012
San Francisco 49ers become first NFL team to make 'It Gets Better' video after online petition - From the San Francisco 49ers: It Gets Better August 25, 2012
Enter to win Dance Again…The Hits from Jennifer Lopez! - Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again" music video August 24, 2012
The Beans take a cruise on The Chautauqua Belle - Boat Whistle August 21, 2012
Mercyhurst screens groundbreaking movie about GLBT seniors Sept 14 - Gen Silent - Trailer August 20, 2012
The Beans go to Pontoon Boat Ride at Presque Isle - Going Under Echo Bridge August 20, 2012


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