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Starting in August, Telemundo will make available to US viewers the hit Mexican drama Las Aparicia. The series,—which will have English subtitles— will first be available on Telemundo’s website, and then avaialble for broadcast.

The series already has a following abmong English-speaking lesbians .in the US That’s because of a strong and well-written storyline about the relationship between Julia and Mariana (Liz Gallardo and Eréndira Ibarra ) best friends who fall in love. Fans of Julia and Mariana have been posting subtitled clips of their storyline, so that English viewers can follow along. The story line holds up by itself.

Produced by Argos Comunicación, "Las Aparicio" follows the lives three generations of women from the same family - all have widowed under extraordinary circumstances and each has given birth exclusively to girls. All decided to abandon the safety provided by a prince charming and face the challenges of modern life. The telenovela tells their story with a modern perspective, wit and a good dose of dark humor.


Interview with Eréndira Ibarra of "Las Aparicio" 

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Mindschmootz: English audio interview Eréndira Ibarra



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