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A series of odd exchanges

The weekend is off to a kind of bizarre start. I went to a social thing Friday night, and one of the guys there mentioned about Drenched Fur coming up next weekend, and asked if I thought if we was an Otter or Wolf. (I forget what a Wolf is in the Bear community.) I thought that he actually probably didn’t have much of a feeling that tied him to the Bear community. (Saying “Um, maybe a gay YUPPIE with facial and maybe chest hair.) Truth to tell, although I help out with the event, I probably don’t do that much with the Bear community. (I tend to think of myself as belonging to no particular enclave within the LGBT community.)

Later, I went out to the Zone and a twink dashed past me to his friends saying “I’m running like an Olympic runner.” I bit my lip before I could say that “Yes. Just a REALLY girly one.” I think that he might have been wearing some glitter.

This afternoon, I had to get a few things at the store and was checking out. In the end, the cash register froze, and the cashier had to call someone over to reboot. I drummed my fingers. She moved to another aisle and took care of the other folks, as they had to figure out whether the charge had gone through. (Just like work, I guess: when in doubt “Did you reboot the PC?”)

Eventually it came back up, and it looked like the charge hadn’t gone through. The guy went back to check on something, and called another cashier. First he asked the amount, which I happened to recall. Then he asked the cashier to specify the items, so she went though the bag. My luck – the first thing that she brought out was the lube I had bought. (I didn’t do my normal thing of purchasing a few bottles at a time, so I was asked if I was going for the Blue – make that  Red Light  -Special.) I am not sure, but I think that something like this might have been a bit on The Golden Girls. (And yeah, this is a pretty gay paragraph.)

As it turns out, they had me go back to the original cashier at the aisle she had moved to. I said that this felt strangely familiar. It came out to the same total, and one of the cashiers said that I should play that item. I bit my tongue before I could said that since I was checking out the exact same items I had checked out minutes before, it really wasn’t a big shock.

I had a wonderful time at a friend’s birthday party later that evening. Towards the end, she was asking questions to see who knew her the best and passing out prizes that I thought at first were candy. The earlier ones might have been candy, but the later ones were packets of lube. The quote of the evening went to her friend, who knew her best. The friend proudly held up the 4 packets of lube that she had won during the evening and said to her husband,

Wow! Look how much anal we can do!

We all giggled. One the way out, I told the birthday girl that I was definitely familiar with parties with lots of lube on hand, but it was odd to have it given out in small packets at the conclusion of the evening’s festivities. Winking smile

  • Stephanie Lenz

    I handed out lube tonight. Plus your name came up. It’s a small, weird world ;)