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Yet another bizarre dream

Hmm, I am guessing that something must be percolating in my unconscious. This morning, I had what seemed to be a fairly long and detailed dream. I had the sense of being in a character in a movie based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, based on a Jewish folktale or something. (I think that Singer’s name came up in the dream. I don’t know if I ever broke the 4th wall in the dream.) I was the adult son in a Jewish family, and it was fairly common that deceased relatives came back as zombies. Zombies might not be the right word, as they seemed to be about as intelligent and have the same personalities as when they were alive. They were decomposing, and had kind of colorful hues all over their skin, but they didn’t seem particularly frightening. I am not sure if it was regarded as noteworthy about dead relatives coming back.

In the dream, I hadn’t thought of myself as being gay (in the dream, mind you!), but I fell in love with a slightly younger and extremely attractive guy. The family generally thought that he was up to no good, but the gay aspect didn’t seem to be that much of a major deal. I think that there was a grandmother who was warning me.

Somehow, things came out, and it turned out that pretty much everyone had been deceitful or wronged me (or each other.) It seemed to be more the product of poor judgment, rather than intended malice. I am not sure if the lover ended up looking like a zombie when this was revealed. Whether because some kind of curse had fallen, or some condition had been met, I had to leave right away, and I also could no longer have any contact with any of my family or my lover. I was leaving the house to ride away with a lesbian couple I was friends with. I was running along the stone pathway out front of the family home as the family tried to pursue and pull me back. It was like running through molasses. (The scene kind of reminded me of when Miss Celie leaves in The Color Purple.) I forget if I got to the car. Overall, the emotional feeling was more about sadness and regret, rather than fear or anger.

Not sure what, if anything, it means, although I thought about one particular situation I had recently experienced as I was getting dressed, and said “Oh!” as it might have been a representation of that.

I am not sure if the Jewish aspect came from an encounter I had this past weekend. I was out at the Zone and I ran into my friend Bob Bearfield. He wished me a Happy New Year and then said “Mazel tov! Is that the right thing to say?” I explained about the running gag about people mistaking me for being Jewish, so I had apparently had my monthly quota met early.

  • Tom Pellitieri

    Any chance you were just channelling “Tevye’s Dream” and/or “Yentl”? (BTW – “Yentl the Yeshiva Boy” was written by Isaac Bashevis Singer)

  • Michael Mahler

    Hmm, I do recall seeing Tevye’s Dream in the film version of Fiddler on the Roof when I was a kid and being scared.

    However, driving home tonight, I realized that the dream was basically a fairly close allegory for some stuff going on. Deb was working on the PC when I got home and had to listen to me spout off on what represented what. I am now fairly sure what this was all about. No particular new insights or anything (but not sure if I needed them), but just sort of an interesting way of rehashing info.

    Hope that you had a good holiday season and maybe are taking a break from your busy Santa season, Tom!