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Date: June 10th 2009

Hey there!

Yet more items for the calendar of events. Thanks!

Jun 14 (Sun) - Whispering Lake Grove Summer Solstice Celebration (Brushwood Folklore Center, 8881 Bailey Hill Rd, Sherman NY 14781) 1:30 PM. Please plan to join the Druids of Whispering Lake Grove, ADF as we celebrate the Summer Solstice in Vedic tradition in the ADF Nemeton at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY on Sunday, June 14th with the ritual briefing beginning at 1:30PM. For driving directions please visit the Brushwood website at:

A few details regarding the celebration:
We will be holding an ADF ritual in Vedic tradition in honor of Agni, the Vedic God who literally is fire. All guests are welcome to plan an offering for Agni in the form of poetry, song, stories or a physical offering to be given during the ritual. Note: if you plan to bring a physical offering to Agni, please make certain it is burnable.

Following the event we will be having a simple picnic style potluck (sandwiches, chips, things that don't require cooking etc).

For additional information regarding this event, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at: Check out the Whispering Lake Grove web site at

Jun 20 (Sat) Covenant of Brighidshaven Open Circle for Litha and Picnic (Shelter 2, Presque Isle State Park, Erie PA 16505) This is the official announcement and invitation to the next open circle event hosted by the Covenant of Brighid's Haven. Our next event will be our all-day picnic affair for Litha, Saturday, June 20th, at Presque Isle Shelter 2. Gathering begins around 1pm, rite to commence near 4pm, potluck picnic feast to follow! Hot dogs and hamburgers provided by Brighidshaven, please bring a dish to pass, please note that alcohol is not allowed in the park.

Games of Kubb and other fun in the sun are sure to occur all amidst the beauty (and the beaches!) of Presque Isle State Park.

Together we will laugh and feast and take a moment to appreciate the glory and fullness of life in the busy summer season.

As in years past, we will be holding a ticket auction to help raise funds for United Neopagan Council of Lake Erie, sponsors of our annual Pagan Pride event. All are encouraged to bring gently used pagan books, tools, toys, services, and items of decor for the bidding, not to mention cash for tickets!

What: Picnic and open circle for Litha!
When: Saturday, June 20th What time: Beginning at 1pm, Rite around 4pm, feast to follow
Where: Presque Isle State Park, Shelter 2 (see below)
What to wear: Your best and brightest for the beach! (may we also suggest sunscreen and/or insect repellent)
What to bring: Auction items to donate if you wish, money for the auction/raffles, and a dish for the potluck picnic feast

The shelters at Presque Isle are located near Beach 6. Follow the signs for "Shelters 1,2,3" turning left just after the Ranger Station.

Hope to see you there!
For those who like to plan ahead, our next three events, following this event, will be as follows:
Open Circle for Lammas: 8/5/09 Open Circle for Mabon: 9/23/09 Open Circle for Samhain: 10/28/09
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