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Amazon Trail: You Know You're Not a Femme

You know you're not a femme when all you do before you leave the house is change your shoes, grab your vest and give the dog a treat. Okay, maybe you put on your baseball cap, but you already know whether it's an Ace Hardware or Yankees or Xena hat day.

Wedding Wisdom

From Philadelphia Gay News: I'm writing this column on Jason's and my third wedding anniversary. Since marriage is something new for our community, and us, I thought I'd share what has been a learning process.

Will the UN 'leave no one behind' and improve LGBTI health and well-being?

While there has been progress in researching the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people and responding to certain emerging health threats in high-income countries - elsewhere in the world such research is inadequate and incomplete. A new report published by OutRight Action International, the Global Forum on MSM and HIV highlights that wherever research has been conducted,  LGBTI people's health is shown to be consistently poorer than the general population. 

Chicago Dyke March: Full of shame!

From Philadelphia Gay News: Hard headline, so let me make it more clear. Whoever is in charge of the Chicago Dyke March has their heads up their asses. If you've read this column before, you've never read language like that from me before, but I'll let you judge. Here are the facts: About 1,500 people gathered to be a part of the Chicago Dyke March earlier this month. As with many LGBT events, people bring their own posters, picket signs and flags. There were signs representing many views at this march but organizers asked only one group to leave: three women with rainbow flags with a Star of David superimposed on them.

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